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AR Customs LLC - Licensed FFL and Certified Armor

Affordable custom built AR-15, AR-10, AR parts, handguns, ammunition and accessories.

AR Customs LLC is a North Idaho gun store specializing in Custom AR’s, and all other guns, accessories and ammunition. We also offer AR Armor services to repair or customize all AR’s.

We feel very passionate about having self defense insurance. You wouldn’t ever hesitate not having it for your car or your home… why wouldn’t you have it for yourself and your family? And for less than $11.00 a month, that’s less than a fast food meal! Not only does it cover if you use a firearm if you defend yourself, but if you use your fist, a bat, or anything to defend yourself. It’s just smart.


Sign up to have U.S. LawSheild on your side today!

AR Customs LLC Silencer Kiosk

One Stop Shop! Do all of your paperwork, fingerprints, photo, tax stamp and order your suppressor all in our shop! Come in and we can help you also with choosing the right silencer!


Questions about how to get started? Give us a shout and we can help with the process!



Jerry & Ellen Lema

Owners, AR Customs LLC

Stop by AR Customs LLC in Post Falls and meet Jerry and Ellen! They are friendly, knowledgeable, would like to work with you on your firearms needs.


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